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Color Fashion Paper

Daydream In Hot Pink


Neon Leather Journal ($14) | Tropic Nights Chandelier Earrings ($28) | Cateye Reading Glasses ($38) | Budding Neon Necklace ($58) | Lace & Chiffon Dress ($128) | Diane von Furstenberg Lips Wristlet ($95) | Donald J Pliner Molly Pump ($228)

Although I don’t claim pink as my favorite color, I can’t resist its girly charm. Hot pink has my heart lately (neon pink and blush still has a piece of it too). As we’re trying to figure out color palettes for the house, pops of pink are never far from my mind (much to the chagrin of A).

What shade of pink is catching your eye lately?

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Fashion Partner

{Lust List} Leather Love


I think my old desire to have a motorcycle comes back every so often whenever I see a leather jacket. Their versatility and touch of edginess add to the lure. I’m loving this Toronto in blue ($180), this Sterling in Gray ($180), this Rockford in black ($279), and this Raleigh in green ($186) from Caine Leather‘s leather jackets for women.

Note: This post is written in partnership with Caine Leather. All words and opinions are my own. Posts like these help us provide colorful inspiration to all you lovelies. Thanks for tuning in!

Color Fashion

{Collecting Rainbows} Clutch Love

There is a colorful clutch from k. slademade ($72-96) for every outfit. I love the fun zipper and leather combinations!

Which one is your favorite?

Fashion Home Decor Paper

Daydream In Gilded Wings

Jessica Robinson Angel Wing Choker | Gold Chariots of Fire Wings ($185) | CC Skye Gold Wings Ring | Vintage United Airlines Hat ($495) | Greek Sandals (€150) | Empire Wing Chair | Embossed Paper Wings ($.97) | Sequinned Stuffed Wing | Wing Stationery Set

I’m not sure why, but I’m very drawn to gold wings. Maybe it’s because back in my middle school / AOL AIM days I had angel in my screenname (so embarrassing!) or maybe it was my obsession over Greek mythology days in college when I plastered thoughtful quotes all over my studio walls. Maybe just because they’re pretty and give me a reason to daydream in the clouds. I’m not sure, but let’s daydream together in fluttery gilded wings.

Do you like gilded wings?

Color Fashion

{Collecting Rainbows} Steve Madden Leather Tote

Steven by Steve Madden Leather Tote ($198)

What color of the rainbow would you choose?

Color Fashion

{Lust List} Clutch My Heart


These and pretty much all of Gift Shop Brooklyn’s goodies stole my heart before I could even utter the word “clutch.”

Pink Sequin Leather Clutch ($88) | Small Leather Seafoam Contrast Pouch ($36) | Hand-dyed Leather Cross Body Bag ($48) | Pewter Metallic Sequin Hand Bag ($68) | Blurred Tapestry Makeup Bag ($32) | Small Metallic Tangerine Clutch ($30)

What are you lusting after today?


{Collecting Rainbows} By Boe Leather Band Rings

I got so excited when I saw these rings from By Boe ($18). Not only are they really simple and clean. They have just a little bit of gold texture that makes it a little different and right up my alley. Check out their other jewelry too. It’s all so beautiful! Plus, they donate 5% of each purchase to Women for Women. Cheers to guilt-free shopping!

What color of the rainbow would you choose?

Fashion Patterns

{Color Memory} Perforated Leather Crossbody Bag & Cap Toe Suede Ballet Flats

{Perforated Leather Crossbody Bag} $50 from TopShop | {Issac Mizrah Live Perforated Suede Coral Cap Toe Flats} $32.62 from QVC

Pops of color have me daydreaming of spring and coral has been one of my go to colors since last year (Daydream In Coral). I always like it when things are classy but with just a touch of different, so I’m not like anyone else. This usually results in my loving patterns and interesting textures. I love the range of different that perforated leathers can provide. Little “dots” on the bag and a little pattern on the flats.

Do you like leather mixed with patterns? What’s your take on perforated leather?

Fashion Other Patterns

{Lust List} Hand Candy

Claire Vivier Floral Grande Pouchette ($115) | Alexander McQueen Twin Skull Ring ($195)

What are you lusting after today?

DIY Fashion

{Freebie Friday} Glitter Leather Heart Ring Tutorial

Glitter glitter everywhere! I’m totally loving glitter on everything. That extra shine just brightens my day. With Valentine’s Day approaching, I thought a glitter leather heart ring would be the perfect addition to your date outfit or the perfect project to gather your single girlfriends and a few bottles of wine & wedges of cheese to craft together!


  • Leather (scrap is fine)
  • Scissors
  • Pencil or pen, optional
  • Mod podge
  • Brush or Q-tip
  • Glitter
  • Paper plate or tupperware to catch your glitter
  • Sandpaper
  • Hot glue gun
  • Blank ring with a flat top (You can find a variety on Etsy


  1. With your scissors, cut out a heart shape from your scrap leather. You can draw it out with a pencil or pen if you’d like, but I just free handed it and trimmed it until I liked the shape. If you’re making more than one of the same size, use your first one as a guide.
  2. Once you’re done cutting, apply mod podge to the surface you want to glitter. (If you want to make stripes, just cut a piece of painter’s or washi tape to size and tape off the parts what you want the leather to show.)
  3. Pour glitter over your mod podged surface over your paper plate or tupperware to contain the sparkle!
  4. Press the glitter in a little with your finger and apply more mod podge and glitter to any edge or parts you may have missed.
  5. Allow a few minutes to dry before applying a top coat of mod podge to seal in the glitter. Don’t worry! It dries clear! Allow the heart to dry at least 15 minutes before handling.
  6. Sand the gluing surface of your blank ring. This will help the glue have something to stick onto.
  7. Plug in your hot glue gun to heat up. Apply hot glue on your blank ring’s surface and press your leather heart to stick.
  8. Allow time for the glue to cool down before wearing

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